Challenge 9- Game Week

This post is for Student Blogging Challenge Week 9. I chose to do Game 1. The first blog I visited was The Avery Bunch. I liked the post about Oscar (A dog). It was somewhat long but I still liked it. The post was titled One More Thing… I chose that post because it was about dogs. I really liked it since it was written by the dog’s point of view and for people who like puppies falling asleep. Check out that post. The second blog I visited was Mini Starwriter’s Amazing Blog. I liked the post about the top 10 animes they liked. The post I commented on was The Top 10 Favorite Anime XD. For those who seen my freedom writing for week 2. I don’t think I need to explain why I commented on this post. The third blog I visited was AmpurraLover’s Blog! I commented on her Favorite Characters post. I know where most of these characters come from. I also share some favorites as well. Sorry this was a late post. I was having troubles. (Don’t ask) This was for Week 9.

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